La Guajira

Bahia Honda, La Guajira

Without an adventurous drive in a 4x4 or boat ride (during rainy season) you will be unable to reach the northernmost point of South America. Paved roads? Forget it. But what about flamingos, indigenous Wayuu culture, kitesurfing on tranquil waters, fresh lobster, typical vallenato music and sleeping in warm chinchorros (hammocks)? Yep, that´s right. Welcome to the department of La Guajira, where the blue Caribbean sea flows into golden beaches, backed by sand dunes and a dusty desert.

La Guajira is a peninsula situated in the northeast corner of Colombia, on the border with Venezuela. A desert with a rainy season and its location right next to the Caribbean ocean? Yep, that’s also right: through September-November the desert gets flooded, but once the rains are done and the sun is back, it transforms into dry and dusty land again. We already told you Colombia is exceptional, didn’t we?


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