Central Andes

Valle de Cocora, Quindio

NP Los Nevados

Here you find wild beauty combined with a mountainous area with enormous sleeping volcanoes and snowy peaks, hot springs and deep valleys with recent memories of tragic volcanic eruptions.

Between the frailejones

Between the frailejones

We offer programs of different lengths and different difficulty levels. Besides the 3 mentioned options on this page we can also offer custom made programs including different walking routes or climbing different peaks.

Popular trekkings:

  • 3 day trekking from Salento/Valle de Cocora to Paramillo de Quindio (4.850 m). Overnight in local farm.
  • 4 day trekking from Salento/Valle de Cocora to Nevado de Tolima (5.215m). Overnight in local farm (and tent at bascamp)
  • 3 day trekking from
    Hot spring at 4.000 m

    Hot spring at 4.000 m

    Salento/Valle de Cocora to Ibagué or viceversa. Overnight in tents (one at a hotspring at 4.000m)

  • 3 day trekking from Pereira/Manizales to Salento/Valle de Cocora. Overnight in tents

During the here mentioned options we assume that every participant carries his own luggage. It is possible that on some routes the luggage is carried by horses, this is optional and needs to be arranged beforehand.

Nevado del Tolima | NP los Nevados

Nevado del Tolima | NP los Nevados

At the visitor center El Cisne accommodation can be arranged in comfortable cabañas.

For the trekking in the Park Los Nevados a very good condition is required and it is recommendable to have some experience with mountain trekking/climbing. Food and beverages are not included but it is possible to buy the food needed for the trekking as a group.

The climb to the top of Tolima isn´t classified as technical and that is why we don´t make use of a harness or rope. The guide that acco

Paramo | NP Los Nevados

Paramo | NP Los Nevados

mpanies the group decides if the circumstances are good enough to climb the top.

Packing list:
– Tent
– backpack > 65 liter
– Good walking shoes (waterproof)
– Extra pair of shoes
– Warm clothes and raincoat
– Sleeping bag suitable for temperatures of minimal 0 ºC
– Sleeping mat
– Flash light

Nevado del Tolima

Sunrise Nevado del Tolima

– Gloves & warm hat
– Sun block
– Sun glasses
– Plate, mug and cutlery

On request the personal equipment or a part of it can be rented with DE UNA.