Sustainability Program

Certificado de Calidad TuristicaFrom its tours throughout the width and breadth of the Colombian territory, the Agency DE UNA COLOMBIA TOURS, aims to encourage the respect for the preservation and protection of the natural resources and communities within its customers, as well as its staff and local people by offering tourist plans which provide unique experiences that go beyond the exploration of the exuberant beauty of the Colombian landscapes.

Travelling with DE UNA COLOMBIA TOURS, customers can build tailored packages designed for individual expectations and applying the experience and knowledge of the agency’s staff, with the purpose to satisfy the preferences and needs of each group regarding tourist and security issues. Thus, tourists will be able to make trips that range from extreme adventure, to a quiet and pleasant break in total comfort.

From their profound care and admiration for the cultural and natural wealth of Colombia, the agency creators have focused on practising sustainable tourism and displaying the community’s customs and native traditions, emphasizing the importance and value of the cultural heritage and environment preservation.

DE UNA COLOMBIA TOURS contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility with fair economic reward towards all third party services, always looking to employ local people and supporting social projects offering some communities the tools to improve their quality of life in the long and medium term.

DE UNA Colombia Tours is against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents CSEC, according to Colombian Law 679 of 2001

DE UNA Colombia Tours Preserves and Protects The Natural and Cultural Heritage of Colombia (Colombian Law 17 of 1981 and Act 397 of 1997)

General Objectives for Sustainable Tourism

  • Optimize the consuming of water in the operations of our Agency
  • Decrease and optimize the use of electricity in the operations of our Agency
  • Give priority to our providers who meet with the established standards for sustainable tourism
  • Contribute to the natural environment through proper waste handling
  • Reduce unnecessary consumption of paper in the operation of the agency
  • Preventing the possible visual and atmospheric pollution in the operation of the agency
  • Promoting the biodiversity of ecosystems in Colombia throughout our Agency
  • Promote and distribute the cultural heritage throughout the Agency
  • Contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for local communities, staff of operation and employees in the agency
  • Use and deploy friendly products for the natural environment