Jungle lodge, RN Marasha
The primats at the Sara Bennet foundation

The primats at the Sara Bennet foundation

Climate and seasons: this part of Colombia features a tropical rainforest climate with minimal difference in average temperatures throughout the year. The rainy season runs from January to June and the dry season runs from July to December (although in a rainforest you may always encounter some rain). Both seasons have their pros and cons. For instance, at the end of the rainy season some parts that are normally dry and accessible, are now flooded completely. The region has an average temperature of 25-30 degrees year-round with a high humidity.

Vaccination: a yellow fever vaccination is obliged in this area, and you must be able to show your vaccination passport upon arrival at the airport. Vaccination must be done at least 10 days before entering the area. Medicines against Malaria is a personal decision, it is not obliged.

Visa: two of the ecolodges we offer are situated just over the border in Brazil. If you are planning on visiting either of these lodges, please check if you need a visa to enter Brazil (this is for instance obligatory for US residents) and arrange it well on time.

Language: English is very limited spoken in this area of Colombia. Some local interpreters don’t even speak English at a good level.

What to bring: backpack for luggage and a small one for day tours, light and convenient (cotton or fast drying) clothing for a hot and humid climate, but certainly also a pair of long pants and shirts with long sleeves, a raincoat, good hiking boots with profile and an extra pair of shoes or sandals, swimwear, a towel, hat, sunglasses, refillable water bottle, first aid kid, vaccination passport with a valid yellow fever vaccination stamp, sun protection cream and bug repellent (preferably both biodegradable). Plastic (zipseal) bags to keep your clothes and other belongings dry and to use as litter bags are recommended. A flashlight can always come in handy and bring binoculars for even more up-close views of the area and its magnificent flora and fauna.