La Guajira

Bahia Honda, La Guajira

Sand dunes next to the Caribbean

~ Climate: Mainly hot and dry. The sunniest months are December through April. Rainy season is May-June and September-November, but you can still visit most of the attractions – only by boat instead of a 4×4.

~ Good to know: this part of Colombia is very suitable for adventurers. La Guajira is not overloaded with tourists yet, which all adds to the authentic experience, but it also means that you should not expect luxury. The places we stay overnight usually only offer electricity a few hours a day, so don’t forget to bring a flashlight.

~ Wildlife spotting: in order to spot the wildlife (such as the pink flamingos!) in this region as if you are sitting next to them, bring your binoculars. A camera with a good zoom lens also does the trick and allows you to bring some impressive shots back home.

Fresh seafood on the bbq

~ Water: it is a desert and it is hot, so make sure to always bring sufficient water on a day trip. Preferably in reusable water bottles, as we always encourage our Colombia explorers to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible.

~ Wi-Fi: la Alta Guajira is the perfect place to unwind and disconnect from the rest of the world – it will be hard to find an internet connection here, so you might as well don’t worry about it. The ultimate living in the here and now experience, so to say.

~ Wayuu souvenirs: if you’re a fan of authentic and high quality souvenirs that will forever memorize your trip to Colombia, do not hesitate to bring home a handwoven and beautifully colored chinchorro (hammock) that spices up your balcony, lounge or garden. Beautiful mochilas (bags) or woven bracelets are also great options. And it’s not just for yourself: as you buy directly from the source, you’re supporting local Wayuu Indians 100%.