San Andres & Providencia

Johnny Cay, San Andres


IMG_6497 (Custom)~ Peak season: San Andres is a very popular holiday destination amongst Colombians. If you’re planning to travel during national holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter, be sure to book your hotel with us well in advance. Please also take into account that prices are much higher around that time.

Old McBean Island

Old McBean Island

~ Climate: the islands have a steady, year-round temperature between 25-30 degrees. During dry season (from January till June) you can avoid the Caribbean’s hurricanes that can pass by during the wet season (July-November). It does not rain frequently and if it does, that never takes long.


Johnny Cay, San Andres

~ Diving: if you plan to go diving, please take into account the PADI After Diving guidelines: you should not fly within 12 hours after completing a single dive or 18 hours when doing multiple dives. Where possible: wait 24h.

~ Crab migration season: some roads can be closed between April and July in order to protect the crabs.

IMG_6441 (Custom)

Butterfly islands

~ Don’t forget: if you have always wondered why people buy underwater camera’s, now you know – when diving or snorkeling on San

Andres and Providencia, you will want to capture that exhilarating underwater world.