Santa Marta & Surroundings

NP Tayrona, Santa Marta & surroundings

~ Climate: mainly hot and humid. The sunniest months are December through April. All other months it may rain every now and then, but those rains never last long and it never gets cold. September – October is the wettest time of the year. Up in the hills of Minca it gets a little cooler.

~ “Special price for you”: Santa Marta and surroundings are one of the most visited tourist destinations in Colombia. It is likely that local vendors will try to sell you their souvenirs in the streets or on the beach. Please keep in mind that for many locals this is a very necessary and welcome income source. Lucky note: in Tayrona National Park there are no beach (nor jungle) vendors.

~ Good to know: taxis don’t have meters in and around Santa Marta. Ask your hotel the normal fare for the trip you are about to make, and tell your taxi driver this destination + price upon entering the car to avoid discussions at the end of your ride. Tipping is of course appreciated.

~ Wildlife spotting: in order to get the wildlife in this region super close, bring your binoculars. A camera with a good zoom lens also does the trick and allows you to bring some impressive shots back home.

~ Taironaka natural reserve: for this destination it is important to have a yellow fever vaccination. Also: don’t forget a flashlight. The cabañas get their electricity from solar panels but do not always provide for all the energy you need. During rainy season (October-November) it may be the case that the water level of the Don Diego river rises up to a level in which it is too high to swim in.