Fauna spotting
Capybara with their young

Capybara with their young

Climate and seasons: dry season (‘summer’) runs from December through May. Wet season (‘winter’) runs from June through November. The area has an average temperature of 28 degrees year-round, but the number can raise to about 36 degrees in summer and fall towards 23 degrees in winter.

The best time to spot wildlife: when water is scarce (during summer) or during the transfer from rainy to dry season (November-December). During the rainy season you will see less wildlife, but it is still worthwhile to visit the area. Large parts of the plains are under water, rivers overflow their banks. This gives spectacular views. Take into account that transportation can get more difficult at times, which sometimes means we will have to resort to boats bringing you to your destination.

Jaribu, Casanare

A bird watcher will want to go in February, as in that month the amount of different kinds of birds is at its peak. Of course there are also plenty of birds throughout the other months of the year. Different birds migrate in different seasons.

What to bring: light and convenient clothing, sneakers or hiking boots, a hat, sun protection cream and sunglasses. Bring binoculars for even more up-close views of the area and its magnificent wildlife and a camera for capturing this once-in-a-lifetime experience.