Fauna spotting



Wildlife spotting: the number one activity in this area. Think of capybaras, crocodiles, wild boars, white tail deer, herons, wild horses, owls, double-striped thick-knee curlews, jabiru storks and many, many bird species. To see an anaconda, the largest snake in the world by weight and the second longest, your guide will locate them by entering the banks of small rivers bare foot. Once found, the anaconda will be firmly taken by the head and tale: that way he is harmless. If you have enough time and patience, chances are high that you will even see pumas or jaguars. All of this magic can be observed from a willy jeep, on the back of a horse or during an exciting hike (see more information below).

Howler monkeys

Colombian Safari: join in on a fascinating trip in a willy jeep to discover the biodiversity of the eastern plains and spot all of the abovementioned wildlife. You are accompanied by an experienced local guide who will inform you on all safety measures to consider for the journey. Ecolodge Juan Solito also offers trips to monitor the camera traps that have been set up to film jaguars in the area.

Hiking: exploring the region’s flora and fauna by foot is another great option. Ecolodge Juan Solito has many trails starting near the accommodation where you can do a guided trekking. The experienced guide knows everything about the plants and how they are traditionally used by the locals. The abovementioned animals can also be observed whilst walking the trail.

Horse back riding

Horseback riding: we can arrange guided tours on the back of a well tamed horse basically throughout the whole province of Casanare. Wildlife is used to horses and will not be scared away when seeing you on a horse. When done during the rainy season (May-November), a horseback ride over the wet plains offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fishing expedition: if you like to go out fishing, there is plenty of rivers to do so. Have us arrange a fishing expedition to for instance the Chire river, where you will spend the entire day and be served a delicious lunch with your own catch.

Wild water rafting: the río Cravo Sur near Yopal offers some great rafting tours from beginners to advanced levels.