Bahia Malaga & Gorgona

Beach of Ladrilleros

Visitors center – NP Gorgona

~ Climate: the word rainforest may have already given away an important piece of advice: it rains quite a lot in this area. Temperatures range between 20 and 28 degrees. Nature owes its beauty for a large part to this weather. Heavy rains usually last no longer than an hour. It is a good idea to wrap your luggage in plastic bags in your backpack or suitcase. Moreover, bring a large garbage bag to be able to cover your backpack or suitcase itself if necessary – for instance when rain pours down during the boat ride to your ecolodge.

~  Travel light: the baggage allowance of flights to Guapi (to reach Isla Gorgona) is 10kg per person. Pack clothing suited for a warm and humid climate, but don’t forget to bring a pair of pants and long sleeves for jungle treks.

Wildlife spotting Gorgona

~ Vaccinations: to visit Bahía Malaga and/or Isla Gorgona you are obliged to have a yellow fever vaccination. Upon entrance to the national park of Isla Gorgona, you will be asked to show your certificate. Tetanus and Hepatitis B are also recommended.

~ Whale watching: the whale season runs from July until November. Whale watching in Colombia is regulated by the government who values the safety of both spectators and whales. Boat captains are required to follow special training and obtain the necessary permits.

Beach at Ladrilleros

~ High season: Bahía Malaga is a top pick of local Colombian families during high season and long holiday weekends, and beaches can get cozily crowded. During low season you can have the beach almost to yourself. Please ask us when planning your trip for high season dates.

Boa Constrictor – NP Gorgona

~ Snakes: Isla Gorgona is considered to be the natural habitat of lots of snakes, so please use rubber boots when walking the jungle trails.

~ Good to bring: a flashlight for dark nights and binoculars for even more up-close views of the area, its whales, dolphins, monkeys, sloths and all other creatures of nature.