Bahia Malaga & Gorgona

Beach of Ladrilleros

Boat transport Gorgona

Bahía Malaga: of all destinations we offer on the pacific coast, this one is easiest and least expensive to reach, as you don’t have to take a small airplane. From salsa capital of the world Cali you are taken to port city Buenaventura by private transport, which is about a 2.5-hour drive. From there, a boat heading north takes you in less than an hour alongside the pacific coastline to small town Juanchaco. Here you are picked up by either an old-school jeep or mototaxi to drop you off at your hotel on the beach of Ladrilleros.

Isla Gorgona: in order to reach this dream island, you will fly in a small airplane over the jungle to the coastal town of Guapi. There are a few airlines operating the international airport Juan Casiano with daily flights. From there, you board a two-hour boat to Gorgona.

Brujitas, San Cipriano

The main mode of transportation within and around Bahía Malaga and Isla Gorgona is by little boats, dugout canoe and by foot.

San Cipriano: the only way to reach it is by way of a unique transportation system invented by the locals: small wooden open train carts called ‘brujitas’ using the railway tracks operated by either a hand-pumped cart or one attached to a motorbike.