Nuqui & Bahia Solano

Whale spotting

Airport of Bahia Solano

There is no road transportation to this part of the Pacific coast. Most people arrive by small airplanes from Medellín flying over the jungle. There are a few airlines operating the area with daily flights on both Nuquí and Bahía Solano. A small local airline is also operating between the coffee region and the towns of Nuqui and Bahia Solano which it makes a great alternative to combine the coffee region with the Pacific and end up in Medellin.

Chiva between Bahia Solano and El Valle

The eco-friendly accommodations we offer are all located on the beach, a little outside of either of the two villages. From the airport, all ecolodges are reached by boat except for El Almejal in El Valle (Bahía Solano), as this ecolodge can be reached by car.

The main mode of transportation within and around Nuquí and Bahía Solano is by little boats and by foot. For instance, to get to National Park Ensenada de Utría from ecolodge El Almejal is 35 minutes by boat (or alternatively, a two-hour walk).